An Apple Notebook–Every Graphic Designer’s Secret Fantasy

Ok so let’s admit it. Every graphic designer has had an Apple notebook secret fantasy at some point in their life. It’s not new news that one of the best systems to work with when it comes down to creative graphic designing is hands down Apple’s OS X system. While there are several good laptops and systems to work with out there, it’s not hard to understand why the leading graphic design Florida companies prefer to go for Apple products. If you are ready to make the switch then keep reading to find out which Mac to go for.

Why Apple Rules the Roost

If you have already started looking at changing to an OS X system you are probably aware of the following top reasons why most serious graphic designers prefer Apple products any day any time.

Reliability: this is a big part of the work we do as graphic designers. Having a system that works efficiently and can be trusted to do the job right when called upon is an important factor to consider when choosing a system to work with. In this regard the OS X system passes with flying colors.

Exclusive apps: come on, Apple is famous for having apps that are only exclusive to its product owners such as the popular design app Sketch. What sets apart two graphic designers can end up being this simple factor of one being able to access exclusive apps. When compared to the work of others, using exclusive apps has contributed to the success of many companies that specialize in graphic design Florida.

Color accuracy: Resolution and color accuracy for graphic designers are very crucial. Having a system that allows you to work with the best available resolution as well as colors is like icing on the cake. It just puts the finish touch to the work being done.

The Best Macs to Invest In for Graphic Designers

Every designer doing graphic design Florida knows the following truth. You have to take into consideration your work situation. Do you work from your home office or you actually have to travel to get to a specific location? Answering this question is vital because it determines whether you are going to purchase a Mac that you never move or one that is convenient in terms of carrying around.

If you do your graphic design Floridawork from a stationary place and don’t have to worry about lugging your Mac around then bigger is always better, go for the 27-inch iMac. You won’t go wrong there. However,if you need to carry your computer with you to and from work then a notebook is your best buy. One thing to note though about these portable Macs is the extra expense they will be to you. If you are going for the best of the best available from Apple then you have two major options which are the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the equally impressive, but extremely expensive 21.5-inch iMac. Both have incredible specifications with resolution of 2560x1600 and 4096x2304 respectively. Read More

Good luck with your shopping!